Ask a question, respond to a question and better understand the law today! Legitimate buyers and sellers are unlikely to … Sometimes you might want to pay a fee to give your ad a boost. To just make sure (because my good side was telling me maybe somethings happened, and as Iv had a close bereavement recently I know how it can be). SA Bought Item Off Gumtree - Seller Didn't Send. i think once a seller marks an item as 'posted' the clock starts on the time for delivery. Gumtree Blog » General » Making Gumtree safe for buyers and sellers. Hi I bought 2 PS5s off gumtree for Christmas for $2000 as its very hard to get currently and sold out everywhere.. I was originally supposed to pick them up in person and pay at the same time. All without putting your hand in your pocket. tw: ... We keep your email address anonymous on the ads that you post, to protect you receiving any email spam. Post an ad, send a message, sell your item, or apply for a job. There’s a lot you can do for free on Gumtree. Had an item for sale on gumtree,buyer emailed through gumtree mail and said they were from down south and would like to buy the item ,I’m from Scotland,they said they would pay for the item and then arrange a courier to collect,have seen a few scams over the … A LISTING for a "waste of space" husband has appeared on Gumtree with the seller saying she would trade him in for a hot tub. @gt An account, posting under the … Unfortunately though, a personal emergency came up on the day I had intended to collect the items and the seller said it would be difficult for him to rearrange a future collection date. so if they say posted on day 1 but dont actually post until day 3 then they are losing 2 days delivery time so should an item not be recieved on or before the due date they have no one but themselves to blame for getting bad feedback for delivery. On Gumtree’s scam help page, they said: “An SMS message from a potential buyer asking you to respond on email could be a scam. Making Gumtree safe for buyers and sellers Friday 25 May 2012, by The Media Team. Gumtree makes a random email address for you

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