About the journey

On the 25th of June 2015 an email was forwarded to me twice by two different friends. It read:

Hi all,
An offer for any of you with a few months of leave coming up for any reason: An ex-McKinsey acquaintance of mine has a Land Rover Defender sitting in Nairobi that needs to get to the UK. He will ship it if needed, but would rather someone have the joy of driving it from Nairobi to London in the next few months. If any of you are keen, please send a note to Tom Putnam and let him know I sent you this note.

Many years ago I would have weighed the pros and cons for days if not weeks in order to make a decision, but this time things were different. Two months earlier I had resigned from McKinsey, burnt out and ready for a change. Before quitting, I spent a month in Thailand on the island of Koh Phangan doing yoga and meditation, trying to reconnect my head with my heart. While somewhat alien to me, I practiced an alternative decision-making process, by listening to my gut. My gut was excited, very excited. The prospect of returning to Africa for another adventure five years after my last adventure was causing adrenaline to rush through my body. There, in that email, an opportunity presented itself to complete the journey I had made five years earlier, from Cape Town to Nairobi. This time not on a bicycle, but in a Land Rover Defender, from Nairobi back to London. And so 24 hours after first receiving the email, I responded to confirm my interest, and a little over 6 months later I landed in Nairobi to start the journey, or my Dark Star Safari.

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